The Lean Startup Conference

Learn from entrepreneurs

December 9 - 11, 2013 San Francisco, CA

2012 Conference

Check out videos of the individual talks from the 2012 conference:

• Marc Andreessen, Andreessen Horowitz, A Conversation with Marc Andreessen

• George Bilbrey, Return Path, Inc., Running a Lean Startup Sales Process

• Dave Binetti, Votizen, One Year Later: Lessons from Votizen

• Steve Blank, 10,000 Startups

• Matt Brezina, Sincerely, Secrets of Rapid Mobile App Development

• Leah Busque, TaskRabbit, Lean Marketing

• Tendai Charasika, EnterpriseCorp, Ten Ways to Get Out of the Building

• Beth Comstock, GE, A Conversation with Beth Comstock, SVP at GE, about Bringing Lean Startup to Life at One of the World’s Biggest Companies

• Scott Cook, Joe Hernandez, Bharath Kadaba and Carol Howe of Intuit, Creating a Culture of Experimentation: Ideas and Best Practices

• Evan Henshaw-Plath of Neo, Sam McAfee of, Melissa Sedano of BloomBoard, Engineering Panel

• Robert Fan, Sharethrough, The Challenge of Sustaining Disruptive Innovation When You Meet Success

• Andres Glusman, Meetup, Failure is Great and Other Myths About Adopting Lean Startup

• Adam Goldstein, Hipmunk, Moving Fast While Caring About Design at Hipmunk

• Lane Halley, Carbon Five, I (Heart) Ugly

• Stephanie Hay, FastCustomer, Lean Content: Testing Marketing Copy (Instead of Spinning Your Wheels)

• Drew Houston, Dropbox, One Year Later: Dropbox Answers Your Questions

• Charles Hudson, SoftTech VC, Making the Call on a Platform Pivot

• Danny Kim, LitMotors, Fast, Cheap and In Control: Testing the Market for a New Kind of Car

• Ivory Madison, Red Room, Bonfire of the Vanity Metrics: Numbers You’re Still Using and Shouldn’t

• Ash Maurya, Spark59, Innovation Accounting in Practice

• Dan Milstein, Wingu, How to Run a 5 Whys (With Humans, Not Robots)

• Tereza Nemessanyi, High Ridge Group / Honestly Now, What Is Innovation Accounting?

• Todd Park, United States CTO, Lean Government

• Jessica Scorpio, Getaround, Prototyping to Validate a Big Idea at Getaround

• Diane Tavenner, Running Short Experiments During a Long Product Cycle

• Alejandro Velez and Nikhil Arora of Back to the Roots, Making Decisions By Ignoring Sales Metrics

• Justin Wilcox, Customer Development Labs, Testing MVPs with Crowdfunding

• Ron J. Williams, Knodes, On the Way to Lean Startup: Curvy and Working it Out

• Jocelyn Wyatt,, We Went to West Africa and Learned Our Key Assumptions Were Wrong

• LSM Winner Mark Abramson, Chef’s Table